The Natural Cape Verde Landscape Provides an Ideal Property Investment

Bathed in tropical sunshine on an Island 300 miles off the west coast of Africa, a 5-star luxury Resort named the White Sands Hotel & Spa is quickly taking shape. The Island is Boa Vista, and it’s the third largest in the stunning archipelago that makes up the nation of Cape Verde.

Over recent years, this exotic volcanic Island chain has seen a significant tourism boost. Foreign visits increased 13.6% in 2016, according to the Cape Verde National Statistics Institute, with rising numbers of tourists from the UK, France, Germany and Portugal choosing to spend their holidays on the Islands. And this trend is set to continue for the coming decade or more. Indeed, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)expects more than half a million holidaymakers to arrive on Cape Verdean shores in 2017, rising to nearly three-quarters of a million by 2027.

And this is one of the main reasons why the country is emerging as one of the world’s most ideal investment hotspots. The rising number of tourists is creating a huge demand for luxury accommodation – demand that is currently outstripping supply. The endless beaches, the turquoise waters, the year-round climate, the impeccable Cape Verdean hospitality and “no-stress” lifestyle all combine to create an idyllic holiday destination, which more and more people are discovering every year. These visitors want somewhere equally beautiful and relaxing to stay during their trip, which is exactly what The Resort Group PLC is providing with the brand new White Sands Hotel & Spa, due to open its doors in early 2019. And here at this luxury 5-star Resort in beautiful Cape Verde, 835 overseas property investment opportunities await the smart, modern investor.

The Pristine Beauty of Boa Vista

In the past, much of the country’s tourism success was driven by visits to the Island of Sal. However, such is the popularity of the country as a tourist destination that today, more and more people are choosing to explore alternative Islands when making their visit. Boa Vista, indeed, was something of a well-kept-secret no so long ago but is now the second most popular Island in Cape Verde, and it’s not hard to understand why.


With temperatures averaging between 25°C and 30° all year around, the 55km of unspoilt sugar-white sands that stretch around the Island’s coastline are something that must be seen to be believed as they twinkle beneath the beating sun. Though there are a few mountainous regions on the Island, Boa Vista is mainly flat and is renowned for its spectacular sand dunes and petrified forests.

Adding to the wonder of this beautiful, natural landscape is the stunning array of wildlife that can be seen both on- and offshore. Boa Vista’s southern beaches are recognised as one of the most significant nesting sites in the world for the beautiful and majestic giant loggerhead turtle. Indeed, turtle watching tours are a big attraction on the Island and a significant part of the reason why Boa Vista has become such a popular destination in recent times.

So too are the magnificent humpback whales that have made the waters off Boa Vista’s coast their breeding ground. Weighing as much as 40 tonnes and reaching 18 metres in length, these sea giants sing their enormous hearts out, while leaping pods of dolphins put on unforgettable displays. Whale watching tours are indeed a big part of the appeal of Cape Verde, and Boa Vista – the home of the White Sands Hotel & Spa – is the best Island on which to stay for the best chance of seeing these spectacular creatures in the wild.

White Sands Hotel & Spa – Overseas Property Investments Made Easy

Back on dry land, Santa Monica Beach is the jewel in the sandy crown of Boa Vista. Named after the perhaps better-known version in California, which it does indeed resemble, Cape Verde’s Santa Monica Beach is a stunning 18km stretch that leads right up to the doorstep of the White Sands Hotel & Spa.

White Sands Hotel & Spa Plan

With 835 luxury properties – including a range of stunning villas and penthouse hotel suites – six swimming pools with swim-up bars, children’s facilities, six restaurants, tennis courts, beach ball courts, and the world-famous YHI Spa all adding to the attraction, it’s not hard to imagine just how popular the White Sands Hotel & Spa will become to the many thousands of tourists who come to Boa Vista every year.

With not long left until the grand opening, there’s only a limited time available for investors to take advantage of the fabulous property investment opportunities on offer. And the good news is that The Resort Group PLC have a proven model that makes investment easy – our fantastic 12/7/5 Property Options offer.

The offer means that all investors start enjoying 12% assured returns immediately upon purchase – even while the White Sands Hotel & Spa is still in construction. When the doors open, investors then receive a guaranteed 7% net rental yield over the following five years, after which, should an exit be required, The Resort Group PLC will commit to resell the property on the investor’s behalf, five years from the initial investment.

And there’s more. This fabulous offer is bolstered by our Hotel Management Programme. This means that investors have the option to let The Resort Group PLC fully-manage their luxury property for them. We’ll take care of everything from marketing to maintenance, rent collection and cleaning. What’s more, under the Programme, investors still have the opportunity to holiday in their luxury property at the White Sands Hotel & Spa for up to five weeks every year, and come and see the glorious natural Cape Verdean landscape for themselves. There really could be no better way to invest in an overseas property than with The Resort Group PLC.

If you’d like to learn more about your overseas property investment opportunities at the White Sands Hotel & Spa or are interested in booking a “Try Before You Buy” VIP Inspection Tour of the development, get in touch with The Resort Group PLC today.