5 Reasons to Choose Cape Verde for Your Overseas Property Investment

Many of us dream of making an overseas property investment. Perhaps we want our very own private getaway somewhere in the sun, are looking to diversify an existing portfolio, or have plans to generate a rental income from a property abroad. But when the time comes to start considering our options seriously, the most pressing question of all quickly rises to the surface.

04, 2017

Why Demand for Luxury Cape Verde Real Estate Has Never Been Higher

Luxury Cape Verde real estate has become increasingly sought-after over the past decade – and for good reason.

04, 2017

Management Options for Your Cape Verde Property Investment

The burgeoning tourist economy and prosperity of the beautiful Cape Verde Islands make any Cape Verde property investment an advantageous one. Politically stable, year-round sunshine and with properties producing fixed returns in high net rental yields, Cape Verde has emerged as not only an unmissable destination on the vacationer’s bucket list, but an investor’s dream to boot.

04, 2017

The perfect honeymoon on Sal Island

Long-feted as an idyllic destination for a relaxing, undiscovered honeymoon, Cape Verde is held in high esteem by wedding planners everywhere. With Sal Island and our 5-star Resorts offering hospitality beyond compare on the archipelago, it seems a natural fit for couples looking for a laidback yet adventurous break after the excitement of their wedding.

04, 2017