Enjoy the many Restaurants at our 5-star Resorts

For many people, booking an All-Inclusive holiday is synonymous with stress-free experiences where everything is taken care of. Arguably, the biggest part of that is dining – an event that can make or break your stay. At The Resort Group PLC, we take that into account from the very beginning, designing our 5-star Resorts to meet the needs of its intended guests and making meals a focal point of their luxurious stay.

03, 2017

How to Get an Assured Return on Your Overseas Freehold Property Investment

Such is the vastness of the range of overseas freehold property investment opportunities that even for the most experienced of property investors, knowing where to venture, who to trust and when to start, it’s a big decision. Even if you think you’ve found the right property or development opportunity, it’s still important to carry out the proper due diligence and ascertain the profitability of your potential purchase.

03, 2017

6 Things to Ask When Looking at Overseas Property Investment Opportunities

Whilst many people look towards purchasing property abroad as a lifestyle decision, there is a rising number of savvy investors who view certain overseas property investment opportunities as a means to more sustainably secure their financial futures.

03, 2017

Overseas Investment: The Buy to Let Alternative

On the 4th April 2017, new tax laws will come into effect that will change the outlook for many buy-to-let investors. Normally considered a profitable way of investing spare funds, with these new tax changes and a suspected housing price crash looming on the horizon, is it time to look elsewhere for a safe and easy investment?

03, 2017

Number 1 on Trip Advisor: TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde

When it comes to luxury Island holidays, Cape Verde is a beach-lovers paradise. And its unspoilt shores make the perfect home for our 5-star Resorts, providing guests with miles of sandy beach on which to enjoy the archipelago’s year-round sun. One of the most recently opened destinations, the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde, is an exclusive adult-only Resort designed to cater for couples looking for total relaxation. Billed as a contemporary and stylish holiday, it promises everything you might want or need to make your stay totally stress free.

03, 2017

Sol Dunas: A Family Favourite

After consideration of the evolving tourism market in Cape Verde and with the imminent launch of our two new adult-only Resorts, MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa and TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde, we made the informed decision to introduce a more family-centric destination to our offering late last year.

03, 2017

Running a Resort While Filming

As we countdown to the premiere of Britain’s Next Top Model on the 16th March, we take a look at the logistics of filming such a production on our largest Sal Island Resort, MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. With all the team members ready to welcome them, it had been a thorough process to ensure a smooth operation and ongoing efficiency whilst filming.

03, 2017