Cape Verde Prime Minister meets with the Board

In a move that sees even greater collaboration between The Resort Group and the Cape Verdean government, our board of directors recently met with Prime Minister José Maria Neves in the capital city, Praia on the island of Santiago. As we forge forward with more developments across Cape Verde, it’s essential that we do so in a way that benefits both the community on the islands and the people who govern it.

01, 2016

The Resort Group Launches 755 Property Options

New cash product guarantees rental returns and provides structured exit strategy

01, 2016

A Celebrity Christmas in Cape Verde

It was a great Christmas for The Resort Group as guests flocked to Cape Verde to enjoy the holidays. Among them were some familiar faces, as the resorts become a go-to destination for people to relax, soak up the laidback lifestyle and enjoy the year-round sun.

01, 2016